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Discover Each Other,

Discover the World

Discover the World

Our Mission

To curate bespoke journeys of discovery around the globe for multigenerational families, affinity groups, and romance travelers. 

Give your family a lifetime of priceless memories to share.

Get married in the destination of your dreams.

Travel the world with others who share a common interest.


you imagine celebrating a milestone life event in a unique location surrounded by your loved ones.

you are in charge of planning a reunion for your scattered family.

you want to introduce your children to their ancestry with a heritage tour.

you belong to a club, association, religious group, or school and want to bond through travel.


The Ultimate List of Family Vacation Ideas

Complimentary Download

A vacation on the horizon, however distant in the future, is the ultimate pick-me-up. Gather around the table with our Ultimate List of Family Vacation Ideas, decide which of these excites you, and add them to your Wanderlist.  Then contact us to plan your next adventure!


Give your loved ones

the World

are bursting with fun for all ages.

connect to the heart and soul of a destination.

enable you to see the world through the eyes of local people.

recapture the days you miss when your family lived together under one roof.

We tailor one-of-a-kind itineraries just for you that... 

Activities for All Ages

Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.

We are Travel Connoisseurs.

We’ll create your perfect vacation recipe from scratch, sourced from the finest ingredients below, and add our special sauce.

Exploring Attractions
Art and Culture
Historical Immersion
Meeting the Locals
Wildlife Encounters

Culinary Experiences
Theatrical Performances
Wellness Activities
Rest and Relaxation

Adventure Activities
Natural Wonders
Water Sports
Indigenous Craft Workshops 

What blend of these will satisfy your group’s appetite?

We’ll add personalized surprises sprinkled throughout.


About Us

We create flawlessly curated masterpieces with all the elements complementing each other so the result is exquisite. We can’t wait to share our brilliance with you.



Allow us to help you literally give your loved ones the world by immersing them in it. Get off the beaten path and up close and personal with the cultures of new lands. Our team would be delighted to create a distinctive adventure just for you.


We have to maximize the precious time we have imparting meaningful values to our children and grandchildren.

Travel delivers more education than any four-walled classroom ever could, and is the best way to create cherished memories that will bind you to your loved ones forever.

Now, more than ever, we need the next generations to be open-minded and have an understanding of peoples with different backgrounds and beliefs.

A gift of a Legacy trip will burst the bubble your children and grandchildren live in --
have them turn off their devices and tune into the diversity of the world,
and teach them to embrace experiences and discover the real world all around them!


A legacy isn’t about leaving what you’ve earned, it’s about sharing what you’ve learned.

Life is short and the world is wide.


Our team is expert at matching travel styles and experiences to your group’s interests and needs.

The relationships we’ve forged with our worldwide dream team of top suppliers and in-country experts allow us to be specialists in EVERY destination. Whet your appetite by exploring some of our favorites.


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