The Legacy Difference, our Genius

We often compare our travel designs to beautiful works of art. Though a painting may be only canvas and pigments, it’s the genius of the painter, the magical technique of the artist that causes you to want to buy the painting. So too it is with our travel designs. We will transform your vacation, infuse it with life and mold it into a sublime masterpiece.

Meet Sandy

Travel Designer Extraordinaire

My love affair with travel began as a child planning two cross-country road trips with my family. We would consult AAA Triptiks and Tourbooks (remember those?) to plot out activities, restaurants and hotels. Seeing our itinerary become reality planted a seed that would grow into a lifelong love for exploration.

While in college I planned a month-long backpacking trip through Europe with a friend. And what an epic adventure it was - two 19-year-olds on a whirlwind tour through England, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and France. In my 20s I was fortunate enough to venture to Bermuda, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, Spain, and Portugal.

The idea of gifting travel as a living legacy came to me when I had my daughters. It is what inspired me to celebrate their bat mitzvahs in Israel and Costa Rica. For each trip I customized an itinerary for an intimate group of family and friends and hired a bus and tour guide. These immersive journeys found us engaging with the local people and their culture - sipping tea with Bedouins, cooking at a Tico restaurant, participating in an archaeological dig, and painting ox-cart wheels. Our more recent globe-trotting has found us in Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Iceland.

As I grew older...

I always wanted to give my children the world, and I want to help you do the same.

I founded Legacy Travel Designs to make it a cinch for you to explore the planet on your terms surrounded by the people you love. Let me take all those challenging particulars off of your plate and put them onto mine. I’m hungry for fine-tuning all the moving parts. That is my superpower, what I was born to do. I can’t wait to hear all about your travel dreams and turn them into the most soul-stirring realities.


Meet Tracy

My love of travel and exploration was hatched at an early age. My grandparents are from Austria and traveled all over the world, and I still have the collection of postcards they sent me from everywhere they visited while I was growing up. I would stare at the pictures and imagine myself in Tokyo, Vienna, Hong Kong, and London. I also was able to travel with my family to some amazing places in North America - the Caribbean, the California coast, skiing at Mt. Tremblant near Montreal. I also have wonderful memories of multigenerational vacations at my grandparents’ beach house in New York and trips together to farther-flung destinations, such as our extended family’s Mexican Thanksgiving in Acapulco (Turkey in mole sauce, anyone?). As I grew, my desire to see and discover the world only grew stronger. And through the travel and study abroad experiences I was fortunate enough to have, I solidified my belief that the best way to learn about the people and cultures of the world is to experience them firsthand.

Your Connection to the World!

Together, we have climbed a glacier in Canada, gone to the top of the Swiss Alps, waterskiied in Maine, and picked fresh apricots along the Danube in Austria. I just love that my husband and I have been able to pass on the explorer’s spirit and love of learning that inspires our own travel. I love even more that these have been passed on to me from my grandparents and parents, and that my family has continued to explore and experience the world together. This is our true, priceless legacy, and I can’t wait to help you share that with your own family.

I’ve been able to continue the tradition.

Now that I have my own family, 


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