Now that pandemic travel restrictions have eased, more and more people are planning long-delayed travel. As I mentioned in a previous blog, one sector of travel that has come back into play is study abroad travel. I have fond memories of my family’s visit to Italy in December 1989, when I was finishing up my semester of […]

Travel Advice

November 20, 2022

Study Abroad Family Travel: Seeing the World Through Your Young Adult’s Eyes

Would-be cruisers can be overwhelmed by the dizzying array of options. The best way to understand how travel industry experts categorize cruise lines is by comparing them to stores most of us are familiar with. Mass Market/Contemporary (Walmart/Target): Royal Caribbean, Carnival, MSC, Norwegian Premium (Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Regional Department Stores): Celebrity, Disney, Holland America, Princess Deluxe […]

Cultural Experiences

November 13, 2022

Cruise Lines and the Azamara Difference

Making and strengthening family bonds is especially important, and can be especially challenging, for grandparents and their grandchildren. This has become even more of a top-of-the-list priority since so many of us lost precious time with our loved ones over the past years of restricted travel. One way to bridge the distance, whether physical or […]

Travel Inspiration

November 6, 2022

A Skip-Gen Trip Inspired by a “Grand” Book Club

Did you know that Halloween originated in Ireland with the harvest festival known as Samhain (pronounced sow-win), as evidenced in Old Irish literature from the 9th century? It was a time of honoring the dead, warding off the darkness with huge bonfires, dressing in costume, and divination. This was a time for foretelling the future, […]


October 29, 2022

A Taste of Ireland This Halloween

When your kids and grandkids start moving into the “grown and flown” stage, you can begin to travel in ways that are different from when they were younger – with and without them! Here are some of our favorite travel opportunities for empty-nester (or empty-nester adjacent) parents and grandparents: Study Abroad Travel I have fond memories of my family’s visit […]

Travel Inspiration

October 23, 2022

Empty Nester Opportunities: Traveling With (and Without) Your Older Kids and Grandkids

There are many ways to honor our departed loved ones, but commemorative travel is not often thought of and can go a long way in helping the bereavement process. Commence your own healing journey with one of these ideas that will surely bring you comfort. Lantern Festivals The Hoi An Lantern Festival in Vietnam, The […]

Commemorative Travel

October 16, 2022

Honor a Loved One Through Travel

Happy Fall! Fall is my favorite season. Each year, I try to take in as much of nature’s autumn display as I can. I’m fortunate to live in an area that has beautiful changes of seasons, including numerous close-by opportunities to view breathtaking fall foliage. But there are many places around the country and around […]

Travel Inspiration

October 9, 2022

Fabulous Fall Foliage Forays

We all know how thrilling it is to see your favorite band or musician perform in your hometown, but it can add another dimension to an international vacation. It’s a great way to bond with people of another country through a shared passion. Love of music is universal, so even if you don’t speak the […]

Music and Travel

September 28, 2022

Incorporating Concerts into Your 2023 International Vacation

Fall shoulder season, that time between the peak summer months and the expensive winter holidays (Festive) is upon us. Now is an ideal time to book a trip to those destinations with unbearable heat and crushing crowds during the height of summer. As the temperatures cool and demand drops, so do exorbitant hotel and airline […]

Complimentary Downloads

August 31, 2022

Put Some Sunshine on Your Shoulder Season

Since we returned from our hosted group trip to Greece, Sandy and I have been hard at work planning our own and our clients’ next adventures. But I keep dreaming of Greece… A big piece of this amazing country that has stayed with me is the gastronomy we experienced there. And while we did have […]

Your Travel Bucket List

August 28, 2022

Beyond Baklava: Going Greek for Gastronomy